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Girls post ConnectHome sign to a wall in Durham, NC.

It takes a village!  Connecting HUD-assisted residents to the Internet requires contributions from many different types of organizations that provide affordable Internet service options, devices, and digital literacy training. Local government, nonprofits, private companies including ConnectHomeUSA stakeholders, and foundations each have made signfiicant contributions to individual ConnectHomeUSA sites and to the initiative overall.

If you’re interested in supporting ConnectHome locally, , please contact If you’re interested in supporting this work nationally, please complete the application on EveryoneOn’s website for Internet service providers or for other services.  Please note:  Internet service and devices (desktops, laptops, tablets) must meet EveryoneOn’s requirements. And, being a national stakeholder also requires a data sharing agreement to report the number of Internet connections to both HUD and your local team.