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Stacie and her child use a tablet connected to the Internet through ConnectHome in Little Rock, AR.

Access to the Internet affects the way we learn, manage social services, engage in business, and interact with each other. Here are some resources to help you get connected.

If you live in HUD-assisted housing in one of the ConnectHome/ConnectHomeUSA communities, please contact your Office of Resident Services or similar office.

If you do not live in HUD-assisted housing in one of the ConnectHomeUSA communities, view options below to get connected and benefit from use of the Internet.


Visit our partner EveryoneOn's website for a list of affordable Internet, computers, and digital training providers in your ZIP Code:

As of December 2016, the Lifeline Program offers users the choice (where applicable) to apply their benefit to one of three types of service offerings:

  • Fixed or mobile broadband,
  • Fixed or mobile voice-only (to be phased out by the end of 2021 with the exception of certain areas), or
  • Bundles of fixed or mobile voice and broadband.

To learn more, visit

View additional discounted offers from ConnectHome stakeholders, paying close attention to eligibility criteria.


Accessing the Internet is the first step. Your family needs to know what the Internet can help them do and how to stay safe while doing it. Here are some ideas to maximize your Internet access: